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Passed with an 82% on second attempt! Great content!! I failed my 1st exam with a 58% than I look around the internet to find helpful study tools to help me pass the exam. This was perfect! and very affordable. Thank you for helping me pass! (about Version 1.0)
Ian Duboe

So glad I found your video course when I did! I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to taking tests. But, with that said, because I was prepared, I felt at ease because I had all the knowledge in my head. Your course over prepared me. Had I gone in just by using what I learned in the 20 hour course I know I wouldn’t have passed. The 20 hour course is NOT ENOUGH. You need a SYSTEM to help you prepare for this exam. YOU have that system and I want to thank you…BIG TIME! This means the world to me…passing the test the first time.
(about Version 1.0)
Richie Aqui

Passed with an 85%! I ran across this website the day before my exam. I had not done a lot of studying and did not pay a lot of attention to the 20 hour course. I paid for the study tips only and really watched the videos. There are amazing ways to study. Slow down and read! That was the best tip I had received. I am not saying don’t study, please do. I’ve been in the mortgage industry for some time so knew many things before even beginning this process. If you’re new, take this course! Thanks Carey!

(about Version 1.0)

Raj Deepsangha

I didn’t pass the exam on my first time. Troubled, I turned to this website. I dedicated 4 days of my life to studying this and the material my online course offered. Long story short, I passed with an 80%. Great help and great website

(about Version 1.0)

Connor Kriegel

Your advice about mentoring was SPOT-ON. I worked for a producing Branch Manager who had little time to train…. I ended up with a gentleman I worked with 15 years ago who runs 2 branches and is dedicated to helping me get ramped up. I start Monday and they are as excited to work with me as I am to work with them. Thank you for paying it forward and giving more in value than you took in payment. The second part of the last sentence is the the Law of Value from “Go Givers” and “Go Givers Sell More” by Bob Burg and John David Mann. You are Living it!
(about Version 1.0)
Ken Moffett

PasstheSafeExam.com was the only study material I used before my Test. Just one day of reviewing all the material and taking each of the practice tests several times set me up for success – I passed with flying colors on my first try! I highly recommend PasstheSafeExam.com as your first go-to for NMLS UST review materials.

(about Version 1.0)

Shawn W. Armbruster

Carey, I started this study program thinking that it was not going to work, but I was completely wrong! I can’t thank you enough! With your study tips I was able to pass my exam with a 85%. Thank you for creating such a well put together study program. I recommend your program to anyone that wants to pass their exam! (about Version 1.0)

Josselyn H.

I PASSED with 89% after failing my first NMLS national exam with a 74% (ouch!). I was crushed that I failed by 1 point! After my first attempt, I decided that I wanted additional study materials to help me pass my 2nd attempt at the SAFE Exam. I found Carey Green and his comprehensive compiled materials and I am so happy I did! It was an excellent addition to PE with all the tactile learning ideas he offers (i.e., flashcards, audio, video, etc.). I was very happy to learn that Carey is also a teacher. I studied very hard and worked on my weak points using his material and alternative learning methods. After a month using Carey’s material, I PASSED at my second attempt with an 89%! Thank you, Carey! Cheers to continued success! 🙂

(about Version 1.0)

Nicole Howland

Hey there. I passed my exam! I passed with a 75 out of 115 (10 unscored), lucky me. I took the test after the TRID updates and whatnot. I actually have to commend you on keeping everything on your site updated and current. Only 1 other site did so. (about Version 1.0)

Alex Kostrubiec

I PASSED my SAFE exam…2nd time around !! I changed careers from teaching to loan officer and with a Masters degree and many state exams, I got a 72% on the SAFE!! I was devastated!!! I googled how to pass the exam and everyone wanted hundreds of dollars…then I found Carey Green. I watched his videos and hoped he lived near me so I could hire him to tutor me, unfortunately, he’s far away. I know I had to pass the 2nd time, so since he only asked for $25, I was shocked!!! I love his program! I strongly urge you to buy his “cheap” program and just adapt to the terminology. I wish anyone reading this, “best of luck and I hope you purchase Carey’s program and pass the SAFE exam”.

(about Version 1.0)


I just want to say that this program is AMAZING! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went to take my test, and was nervous that I wasn’t prepared enough. I must say that, I was extremely prepared thanks to the concepts in this program! I am extremely grateful to have passed my test the first time with an 87%! I appreciate the affordability of it because of all of the money that I had to shell out, but this is well worth much more than I paid! I truly appreciate you taking the time to do this! I think that every new MLO needs to check this out and this will be all you need! This is a one stop shop and I will be sending more more in to say thank you! (about Version 1.0)

Charles Redmon

I want to thank Carey for putting together a great jumpstart program for the MLO SAFE Exam. His picture and text flash cards really helped. With one month of studying and all 20 hours done I passed the final exam on my first try with an 82%! Carey has all the tools and learning material to get you going! Thanks again and good luck to all!

(about Version 1.0)

Abe Salamy

I had failed the test twice and had no prior knowledge of the financial or origination industry. I had already gone with two other training programs until I found this one and well…? I PASSED! I found that the other two programs did not cover 100% of the test and they didn’t offer basic knowledge training for a newbie like me, like this one did. Buy this, pass the test, and you WON’T be disappointed. (about Version 1.0)


Thank you for this! I passed the test today and using your study methods! I will recommend this to anyone preparing to take the test.

(about Version 1.0)

Dominic M.

I stumbled across this site on accident during my panic to study for the exam. I was full blown having anxiety attacks! I started a new job in mortgages, I had never worked in mortgages before and I was offered a position to come in and be an MLO but I had to get my license before I could proudly boast my title of MLO. I used the material here and I passed my exam on the FIRST try with 85%!!!! Thank you so much for being so selfless and helpful Carey! This study program was amazing and incredibly beneficial!!!! (about Version 1.0)

Melissa Anderson

I will keep this short and sweet. I failed my SAFE exam twice. Going into my 3rd try, I needed to change my strategy. Finding PassTheSafeExam did the job. The easy to navigate website, inexpensive cost, well-structured study material helped me score in the 80s. Thank you.

(about Version 1.0)

Michael Murcia

There is so much to learn in order to pass the SAFE exam. I literally stumbled upon Carey Green’s website, I was not disappointed and was so surprised! The tools he offers helped me understand the concepts that need to be learned by engaging all your senses. You are able to listen to definitions (ex: while driving), see visual hand done pictures and he offers flashcards that were an enormous benefit. I could not have understood the concepts without Carey’s generous website ” passthesafeexam.com”. What a blessing to have all of this at my fingertips! I continue to share Carey’s wonderful website on to those who plan on taking the SAFE Exam. (about Version 1.0)

Laura M.

I failed the test on my first attempt with a 69%. I was pretty bummed out about it. Went online and found this material and I must say it is the best information out there. This material teaches you how to study as well as how to break down what you’re studying. The cliff notes were great and I’d recommend anyone to spend the money for this program to anyone that is looking to actually learn the material and pass. I was able to walk into the testing site much more confident than I did on the first go round. Thank you for this material and GOD BLESS!

(about Version 1.0)

Gregory West

I’d like to believe that I would have passed the exam even if I didn’t have your course, but I did study using your course and I got 103 out of 115 correct. Thank you . . . . your course is awesome. Now, I’m licensed and working at an awesome mortgage broker company in Las Vegas. Thanks, again! (about Version 1.0)

Marc Wright

I had no previous experience in the mortgage industry and used your course and study methods to pass the test here in AZ with a 90% on my first try! Thanks again!

(about Version 1.0)

Cory Williams

I used the study materials for a couple of days after going through the 20 hour mandatory NMLS course and passed with an 80% first try. One of the more helpful items on this site is the mortgage law study charts. They really helped me understand the entities that regulate this industry, why they exist and what they do. And watch the intro videos! Very helpful, especially when he says if you don’t understand something, stop and google it or look it up somehow to make sure you understand it before moving on! It worked for me. Good Luck! (about Version 1.0)

Shawn Shea

Dear Carey Green, You are an exceptionally gifted person who is willing to share your knowledge in this industry with passion for my success, I am truly grateful for your website. I am brand new to the mortgage industry and through my first sitting of taking my NMLS exam I failed. I was completely discouraged but optimistic I would find the right training program & pass on my second sitting. I found your program and immediately started new studying habits. The most beneficial aspect of your program would be the 9 min video about the Mortgage Industry. On my second sitting, I am thrilled to say that i passed my NMLS exam!! The National NMLS exam is definitely a hard test but with you program it helped me excel and gain a clearer understanding of all terminology and regulations. I will definitely recommend your program to anyone I know interest in taking the NMLS exam. Thank you Carey, wishing you lots of success in the future!!

(about Version 1.0)

Jaime Sifuentes

I’m excited to tell you that I retook my Safe Exam 2 days ago and got an 86%!!! Your study tips were very helpful and I used all of them. Thank you so much for your input on how to approach the test. It definitely made me feel more prepared. (about Version 1.0)

Travis Green

Carey I wanted to THANK YOU for your program. I had taken the SAFE MLO Test and failed. I then saw your program and debated for about a week or two whether to purchase it. I was astounded at how much you made sense of the Test, how to look at it, study for it, ANKI was great, Flash Cards were awesome, and your Cliff Notes were very helpful! I passed with the help of your program and some prayers. Thank you for making it inexpensive so that I could buy it. THANK YOU again!

(about Version 1.0)

Robin Wilson Whitney

I found Carey Green’s MLO Study Materials super affordable and helpful in the following ways: Carey encourages students to get creative and make their own flash cards or anagrams to remember complex terms quickly. Therefore, I created my own anagram to remember all of the major regulations… and it worked! I certainly recommend Carey Green’s MLO Study Materials to students. (about Version 1.0)

Diaky Diaz

I passed my exam with a 82% on the third attempt today! I bought your course after my second fail. I have a toddler at home so I was very limited on time to study. All your materials really helped me to thoroughly understand the content. I loved your charts and cards! I felt this was very supplemental to my learning. Thanks Carey for taking the time to create materials. (about Version 1.0)

Errin Smith

Passing is passing, right? I passed. That’s all that matters. Carey, or Pastor Green, is a wonderful man, period. He gives you material that covers what you need for the REAL exam. It’s hard to know exactly what’s going to be on YOUR actual state exam, however, understanding how to learn the regulations in a fun manner, like Pastor Green preaches in his course, IS VERY HELPFUL. You have to associate something funny with your memorization of Reg’s, period. It works. For example: Respa / Reg X, I remembered, “respiratory therapists and X-ray’s”… and had to associate it that way. Get creative, and trust me this course is well worth the investment. It’s nothing! He’s right, it’s a lot costlier if you don’t pass the first time. Don’t waste time, buy the course now! You’ll be happy. You have to study also, there’s no free shortcuts in life for success.

(about Version 1.0)

Tarek Sarji (Gabe)

I appreciate and respect you so much for putting this together and only asking for a small amount. Thank you!

. (about Version 1.0)

Andi M. Helms

I failed my first test initially and was seeking further sources of education in order to pass my second time. A quick search on the internet led me to this website and unlocked the key to passing, for me at least. The material is solid and the flash card software is effective. The price of what Carey offers this course is such a value and worth much more than he charges. Thanks again!

(about Version 1.0)

Mason Obray

I wish I bought this the first time I took the test. I was very discouraged and scared to take the test again. Well, I just took the SAFE National Test today and I passed with an 80%. I was so happy, I cried! The flash cards with pictures helped me remember everything. Thank you so much!

. (about Version 1.0)


Thanks Carey, I took my test yesterday and passed. The flashcards were great, and I found myself watching the videos over and over again – they were light and funny and allowed me to engage my senses in the material many times. The best help I got from you was not so much the content, but the “how to take the test” tips. I probably passed because I held about 50 questions back for review and probably changed my answer on 30 of them . Glad I found you on the internet . The value in your program was way more than I paid. God Bless.

(about Version 1.0)

Michelle Powers

Dear Carey, thank you so much for your wonderful program! I took the safe exam and passed! Your course material really helped me get over the top. With the flash cards I kept on reviewing them over and over again.The first thing I thought when I saw the screen display the PASS is that I am so lucky to have come across your program in the google engine! Anybody I come across entering the field of finance will definitely hear the name Mr. Carey Green!

. (about Version 1.0)

Isaac Gluck

Carey has really done his due diligence to make this program what it is. He combines many different aspects of learning to allow the learner to get the information from many different angles. All of these different methods really help make the information stick. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to become an LO or just wants a strategy to learn a new challenging topic. Thanks again for your help Carey and I hope all the best to you.

(about Version 1.0)


You have put together a great program!! I passed my test this morning and I am ecstatic! I really believe that your study program helped me! Thank you so much Carey!

. (about Version 1.0)

Bev G.

Dear Carey, yesterday I passed my NMLS required exam on the first try. I scored a combined 82%. Thanks to your website and all the info I feel this is why after seeing and answering the first questions I knew I could pass the exam. I was able to complete and check answers I had set aside to review in well under the allotted time. Needless to say I was very excited at the conclusion. I am a very pleased customer and will recommend your site to anyone who I feel will benefit from what you have to offer.

(about Version 1.0)

James Miers

Without mentioning names, I took an online ‘instructor led’ NMLS S.A.F.E course which cost over $500 only to find out that ‘instructor led’ does not mean what I thought it meant. It was more of a, ‘Here’s a bunch of lessons. Read them, learn on your own, do some quizzes and assignments , and pass our exam’ type of thing. Needless to say, in the brief 2 week period for which the class was given, I was unable to adequately and truly LEARN because I was forced to cram to meet that 2 week limit. I came across this study guide via YouTube, and was intrigued by the ‘pay what you want’ policy. I bought the guide and loved it! The full guide was awesome, and I want to extend my utmost gratitude to you, Carey, for your labor in ultimately helping me to score a 90% over-all on my first attempt at the National exam. Thank you very much, Carey, and I pray God bless you and your family abundantly! With much gratitude and appreciation!

. (about Version 1.0)

Zach R.

I highly recommend purchasing this course which has truly helped me in my studies for my upcoming SAFE exam. I took the exam for the 1st time and failed. I purchased this course and I have not regretted it. It is filled with tons and tons of information and the material is very informative and easy to understand. I am confident when I take the exam again andI know that I will pass because of my studies and the information from Mr. Green.

(about Version 1.0)

Karen Sherman

This course has been an invaluable tool! I just took the test and passed and I owe alot of that to the preparation from Carey’s course! I donated $30 and it was worth every penny considering the time Carey took to put it together! This program has been a great find! THANKS CAREY

. (about Version 1.0)

Joe Bottari

I found your class very helpful in my studies, I found both you and my 20 hour education provider elaborated on the same thing. That was to utilize all reliable resources. Your class provided additional important information , a fun and easy learning attitude, easy to understand program, easy to learn material and it was very refreshing to have the option of different materials and studying methods.

(about Version 1.0)

Angelo Salgado

THIS SITE SAVED MY LIFE I WAS DYING . I WAS SINKING WITH WORRY, AND THEN I FOUND THIS SITE ON YOUTUBE. I am currently studying with an instructor led study course online that is actually not instructor led. I am just reading and reading and it is horrible, I needed some visual learning materials I needed some audio, I need someone to talk to me, this site saved me.

. (about Version 1.0)

Dr. Tanya Johnson

I want everyone to know this is a great resource in passing the NMLS test! I took training pro through my work, thinking that was all I needed. Nope, didn’t pass. It took studying and Carey Green to pass! Do yourself a favor and take this course, follow all the rules, print up the study cards and post them around your house. It is a lot harder than you think! Thanks Carey for answering all my emails and helping me pass!

(about Version 1.0)

Laurel Lawson

Carey’s study materials were definitely instrumental in helping me recently pass the SAFE exam. I found especially helpful his summary of federal regulations and review of the typical math problems. Thank you, Carey, for putting these study guide materials for us at such a great value. It’s definitely worth what little he asks you to pay.

. (about Version 1.0)

Ninah Hunter

This course is not in any way associated with or approved by the NMLS, CFPB, or SRR. All students of this course WILL need to pay for and complete an approved 20-hour pre-licensing course in addition to using the materials provided here.


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