My “Smart” NMLS Flashcard Deck will help you learn the industry terms you have trouble remembering!



What makes these NMLS study flashcards so "Smart?"


My “Smart” NMLS Flashcards use mathematical algorithms to apply a study approach called “Spaced Repetition.” This short video explains what Spaced Repetition is and how it works (and yes, it’s advertising somebody else’s software. I’m not affiliated with it in any way).


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Who am I?

Carey Green

I’m a retired Pastor of 20 years and I took the NMLS Safe Exam to become a MLO in 2013-ish. Because I love learning, I realized quickly that the NMLS process and study approach is very difficult. So I decided to do something about it. Learn more about me here.

Full Disclosure: I am NOT an MLO at present and neither I nor these resources are in any way affiliated with the NMLS, SRR, or the CFPB.

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