HOW and WHY I created this NMLS study methods course

As of February of 2013, I had served as a Pastor in small churches around the country. I knew very little about the mortgage industry.

A friend of mine who is a Real Estate Agent knew I was looking for a new career path and suggested I check out becoming a MLO (mortgage loan originator). So I began to look into it.

I decided to give it a shot, and here’s the short-list of frustrations I encountered…

  • The NMLS website is not easy to navigate (still isn’t)
  • The multi-step process to become licensed as a MLO was long and costly (still is)
  • The amount of regulations and rules I had to learn were overwhelming (still is)
  • It felt like I’d never be able to internalize all that information, much less understand it

But I decided to press on and figure it out.

I signed up for the 20 hour S.A.F.E course with an approved provider and started. And it was an awful experience.

The course I began was supposed to be “instructor led” but turned out to be “instructor written.” (In other words, it was entirely text-based… so I had to navigate all the legalese on my own. NOT what I was looking for…)

So I asked for a refund about half way through (got it, thankfully), and signed up for another course that was a “classroom equivalent.”

As I began that course I still had some frustrations regarding:

  • the amount of Federal regulations,
  • what seemed like 8000 acronyms,
  • and a TON of reading.

It was somewhere in that process that I discovered a set of study methods that made all the difference.

Some were common sense. Others were a bit out of the ordinary. But they all worked wonderfully.

I took my NMLS National exam on February 22, 2013, and passed with a score of 87% (you can see the image below).

I decided then and there that if my study methods were that helpful, I wanted to make them available to others who were experiencing the same frustrations I did.

So I did. That’s how Pass The Safe Exam was born!


This course is not in any way associated with or approved by the NMLS, CFPB, or SRR. All students of this course WILL need to pay for and complete an approved 20-hour pre-licensing course in addition to using the materials provided here.