If for ANY REASON you are not satisfied with the course, I offer a FULL REFUND… but please, do NOT dispute your purchase via PayPal… simply send me an email at feedback@PassTheSafeExam.com and I’ll reply and initiate your refund (but allow me time over the weekend, I may be slower in responding then).



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Check out the FAQ below.

Is your course affiliated with the NMLS, SRR, or CFPB?

Nope. I’ve never claimed to be and likely never will be.

Is this an approved 20-hour S.A.F.E. course or an alternative to it?

I get paid a small commission if you purchase through these links

Nope. You need to find an approved 20-hour course provider in your area or on online.

One that I recommend is Affinity Real Estate and Mortgage Services. They offer...


A LIVE 20-hour pre-licensing course (LIVE IS ALWAYS BETTER)

An Instructor Led 10-day NMLS Pre-licensing course


An Instructor Led 5-day NMLS Pre-licensing course

IN PERSON OPTIONS (They are in California)

In-Person LIVE 20-hour NMLS Exam prep course


What exactly is inside the course?

The best way to explain this is for you to watch the INTRO VIDEO on the HOME PAGE.

What makes your course different or unique?

My course is not simply rehashing the facts and regulations you get in your 20-hour course (like many test prep courses are).

My course is about STUDY METHODS – WAYS TO STUDY MORE EFFECTIVELY – with a focus on applying it to the content you need to know to pass the NMLS MLO test.

There are no tricks – just research-based information that will help you pass the test. YOU are the one who has to apply it.

Why a "Pay What You Want" pricing structure? What's the catch?

There’s no catch at all.

When I went through the process of becoming a MLO myself (December and January of 2012-2013) I had to pay over $1200 to fulfill all the requirements. I figure the last thing you need is another large fee… so I’m putting my “success strategy” for passing the loan officer test inside this course and allowing you to pay what you want.

If you feel that it’s worth more than I’m asking (and I do)… then I ask you to consider an amount larger than the base price I ask for.

AND – consider leaving a tip once you finish the course to help me maintain this “Pay What You Want” pricing for others. (you’ll find the form at the bottom of the course page).



Does your course take TRID into account?

My course is primarily a STUDY METHODS course, so it is NOT INTENDED to teach you the content.

This course is all about HOW TO STUDY for the stinking difficult S.A.F.E. exam.

However… I have included a “TRID SUMMARY” in my 1-page Regulation download to help you get up to speed on the TRID changes.

Should you find any discrepancies within my information caused by these recent changes, it is entirely possible I missed something, so please be kind and let me know about it by using my contact page.

Can I contact you with questions as I go through the course?

I am NOT offering coaching, etc. so I don’t have the capacity to help students individually. That’s why I put my information into a course for anyone to purchase and access at any time.

However, if you have technical issues or other problems with the way the course operates, feel free to use the CONTACT FORM on the site.

The ANKI flashcard software is having issues. Can you help?

Once you login, there is a section inside the FLASHCARD MODULE that covers troubleshooting and technical issues.

Please check there before contacting me.

I do not own the software being used and I did not develop it, so I’m not much help when it comes to the technical side of the program and how it works.

What kind of guarantee do you give?

If you purchase the program and don’t feel it was worth the money you spent, feel free to use the CONTACT FORM on this site to let me know. I’ll happily refund your money.

Did the government try to shut you down?

In 2017 I was served with an intimidating letter from the attorneys for SRR (the State Regulatory Registry), the arm of the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) which creates and oversees the NMLS testing process. They accused me of a handful of charges along with another individual and an organization. Among those charges were conspiracy to defraud, copyright violations, etc.

None of it was true from my standpoint.

Though I did not have to take down my site because I was innocent, I demonstrated good faith by taking everything down until the matter could be resolved. The site was down for just over two years.

We settled out of court – which I hated because I wanted to clear my name – but I chose the settlement offer simply because the financial burden of continuing to defend my innocence was too great. It was a Federal case and would have cost me at least $35,000 up front to retain my attorney for the trial – and I’d already paid over that amount for my defense already.

If you want to see my video explanation of the matter and how it impacts this 2.0 version of the course, you can see that video here.

Let me know how I can help!

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