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Is your information current?

The industry terms you’ll find in my flashcard deck are continually updated. You can be assured they are up to date and accurate.

Does using this flashcard deck guarantee I will pass?

No. That is dependent on how well you use the cards and how diligently you study.

How many flashcards are there in the deck?

At last count, there are 529 flashcards in this deck.

What makes the flashcards "smart?"

This flashcard system uses mathematical algorithms to space out the cards according to how well you know them. Cards you know best won’t be reviewed as often. Cards you don’t know well will be reviewed more often.

Is this flashcard deck included in your study methods course?


Can I get a hard copy version of the flashcards?

No, I do not offer a hard-copy version.

What kind of guarantee do you give?

If you don’t feel the flashcard deck was worth the money you spent, feel free to use the CONTACT FORM on this site to let me know. I’ll happily refund your money.

Did the government try to shut you down?

In 2017 I was served with an intimidating letter from the attorneys for SRR (the State Regulatory Registry), the arm of the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) which creates and oversees the NMLS testing process. They accused me of a handful of charges along with another individual and an organization. Among those charges were conspiracy to defraud, copyright violations, etc.

None of it was true from my standpoint.

Though I did not have to take down my site because I was innocent, I demonstrated good faith by taking everything down until the matter could be resolved. The site was down for just over two years.

We settled out of court – which I hated because I wanted to clear my name – but I chose the settlement offer simply because the financial burden of continuing to defend my innocence was too great. It was a Federal case and would have cost me at least $35,000 up front to retain my attorney for the trial – and I’d already paid over that amount for my defense already.

If you want to see my video explanation of the matter and how it impacts this 2.0 version of the course, you can see that video here.

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