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  • This is NOT a required 20-hour course.
  • It will NOT provide more NMLS content for you to study and learn from
  • My course will NOT show you how to hack the course or questions

What this course IS (click to read BEFORE purchase)

  • A crash-course in HOW to study effectively, based on the NMLS content you already received in your 20-hour course
  • Instruction on HOW to make your study count, make the content stick, and how to truly UNDERSTAND the content you’ve already received in your required 20-hour course

If you  have NOT taken an approved 20-hour course yet, do that BEFORE you purchase this course.


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INTRODUCTION VIDEO: Don't skip this!

This introduction video is an essential foundation for my entire NMLS test prep study methods course. It’s going to show you EXACTLY how to make the most of the content you’ll receive

8 minutes 36 seconds

MODULE 1: Motivation, mindset, belief

Effective preparation for the NMLS test includes WAY more than knowing what to study. Some of the most important things you need to include in your test prep is a clear picture of WHY you’re even taking the test in the first place. This video will show you how to do that and how to stay motivated.

  • Learn to think about studying for the NMLS test in a productive way
  • We’ll tap into the power of MOTIVATION
  • We’ll learn how to make studying INTERESTING
  • You’ll be surprised to discover studying for the NMLS test can be FUN
  • We will KILL the doubts together

12 minutes 13 seconds

MODULE 2: Project Thinking

There are practical things you can do to make your studying environment, approach, and mindset more effective. This video helps you do that by providing study tips for…

  • Project-based thinking
  • Dealing with distractions
  • Appointments with yourself
  • Setting the right environment for study
  • Challenge thinking

9 minutes 48 seconds

BONUS : Two of my favorite STUDY MUSIC playlists

Music has proven to be a powerful way to set the environment for effective brain-work. Specific TYPES Of music have been proven to work better than others. I provide the two musical playlists I use whenever I study or work on laborious projects (like prepping for the NMLS test)

MODULE 3: Practical is Better

If you just study the regulations you are supposed to know for the NMLS test and don’t figure out ways to make it practical, you’re going to do lousy on the test. This video will help you…

  • Get out of “regulation” mode
  • Practice what you’re learning
  • Come up with real-life scenarios for the concepts
  • Buddy up to accelerate your learning
  • BONUS: I may have a Facebook NMLS study group created by the time you reach this module

21 Minutes 34 seconds

MODULE 4 : How The Mortgage Lending Business Works

Building on what you learned in MODULE 3, you’ll be walked through an overview of what you’re learning in the context of WHAT exactly you’re going to be doing as a MLO. The NMLS test content makes lots more sense when you understand how it fits into the overall picture of mortgage lending

8 minutes 21 seconds

BONUS : What Will Be On Your NMLS Test

It’s no secret WHAT you will have to know to prep adequately for your NMLS test. But many people STILL feel like it’s a mystery. No more. Here you go

10 minutes 11 seconds

MODULE 5: Small bursts VS large cramming sessions

This video explains why it’s better to study for the NMLS test in short bursts and will teach you…

  • How to make the absolute best use of limited time
  • How test prep learning can be fit into your routine effectively
  • Why cramming will kill retention and cause your test day to be a nerve-explosion!

8 minutes 1 second

MODULE 6: Go Small To Master Big Things

Big concepts are made up of smaller pieces. This video will teach you how to…

  • Break down the NMLS concepts into bite-sized pieces
  • Learn how to drill yourself on small concepts and larger relationships
  • Apply “free recall” to stretch your capacity for learning
  • Create and use your own NMLS study notebook to magnify your learning
  • Use feedback to test yourself effectively

16 minutes 43 seconds

BONUS: Demonstration of "The Feynman Technique"

Richard Feynman, a world-renowned scientist in his own right has also become famous for a simple technique he used to learn complicated processes and retain them – to the point he could teach brand new concepts that came from totally unfamiliar disciplines within 30 minutes. This video uses a piece of information you’ll undoubtedly need to know for your NMLS test to show you how the technique works. Apply this approach to as much of your studying as possible for greater success

21 minutes 15 seconds

MODULE 7 : How I used a powerful free flashcard program to accelerate my NMLS test prep

There is a  wonderful free flashcard software that helped me study SMARTER rather than HARDER. This video explains…

  • Where you can get the software (Computer, Android, and iOS)
  • How to install it and use it
  • How to load my deck of 550 NMLS flashcards
  • How this program builds on what you learned in MODULE 5 using the concept of “spaced repetition.”
  • WHY you need to include the use of these flashcards in your NMLS study routinely

8 minutes 2 seconds

RESOURCE: My 500+ Card Flashcard Deck (for use with ANKI)

For my NMLS test prep and study I created by own deck of digital flashcards – over 500 of them. I provide you with my entire deck and show you how to use them in the software

BONUS: How to add your own cards to the flashcard software

I show you, step by step, how to add your own cards to the flashcard software – and explain why you SHOULD create your own cards for more effective learning

1 minute 11 seconds

MODULE 8: How to use my custom cartoon flashcards

I’m not a great artist, but I scrawled out my own cartoons to create my own graphic flashcard designs to help the NMLS test concepts and the many regulations STICK in my head in almost unforgettable ways. This video will explain…

  • How to use my Cartoon NMLS Flashcards (I give them to you in the next bonus resource)
  • Why this kind of learning is powerful
  • How you can make cartoon cards of your own to use in your NMLS test prep

9 minutes 46 seconds

RESOURCE: My cartoon flashcards

The cartoons I made for my own NMLS test prep routine are included here – for you to use – or for you to use as patterns for creating your own cartoon/image cards. Do this, people! It will help you SO much!

    RESOURCE: My cartoon flashcards - digital version

    In lesson 7 of this course I introduce you to the flashcard software I used to prepare for my NMLS test. For this new edition of the course I decided to put my cartoon flashcards into digital format to use inside that same program. So I provide that deck to you – and encourage you to add your OWN cartoon cards to your digital software deck as well. 

      MODULE 9: How to maximize your 20-hour course practice tests

      Most of the approved 20-hour courses have been authorized to create NMLS practice tests that students can use to prepare for their exam. This video explains…

      • The type of questions you’ll see on your practice tests
      • How you can best prepare for the scenario-based questions they contain
      • How to read and interpret the questions carefully (and properly)
      • How to notice “confused” questions and avoid being fooled by them

      13 minutes 49 seconds

      RESOURCE: My 1-page mortgage regulation summaries

      The regulations that govern mortgage lending are filled with lots of industry and legal terms. It helped me to write-up the regulations in simpler ways that I could understand. This resource is…

      • The one-page summaries I created to put everything for each regulation onto one page
      • Use these to drill yourself based on the principles you learned in MODULE 4
      • I like to think of these summary sheets like Cliff Notes (c)

      BONUS: How to use my 1-page mortgage regulation summaries for maximum results

      I designed my 1-page regulations the way they are for a reason. In this video I explain my reasoning, point out how to use the features of the pages to prep for your NMLS test more effectively, and give suggestions on how you can maximize your study time with these sheets

      1 minute 11 seconds

      MODULE 10: Mortgage Math Basics

      There are a number of very basic math concepts you need to understand in order to work the problems on the NMLS test – I show you some of the most common MLO-related math functions and explain how to calculate them, so that you can ace that part of your NMLS test

      22 minutes 30 seconds

      MODULE 11: Mortgage Math Concepts You Must Understand And Remember

      If you don’t know how to read the questions and understand what you’re being asked for on the NMLS test, you’ll have a very tough time passing that portion of the exam. This video demonstrates MANY of the common mistakes you can easily avoid if you know how to watch for them. It also points out common terminology you’ll need to watch for.

      8 minutes 42 seconds

      RESOURCE: My audio regulation definitions

      It helps me to hear things as well as read them so I created this audio track of the Federal Regulation definitions so that I could listen in the car, on the treadmill, etc. and learn the details through repetition.

      Load them into your phone or audio player and listen and do your NMLS test prep on the go!

      54 minutes 43 seconds (audio)

      BONUS: What to expect on test day

      This is not my video – but is one I found so helpful I thought I’d provide it for you here (You can find it on YouTube as well). It is produced by one of the companies that oversees the NMLS testing facilities and shows you exactly what to expect from the moment you walk in the door.

      7 minutes 38 seconds

      Carey Green


      I’m a retired Pastor of 20 years and I took the NMLS Safe Exam to become a MLO. I’m so thankful that I passed the test the first time with a score of 87% on February 22nd, 2013. I’ve created this NMLS test prep course as a STUDY SKILLS supplement to your required 20-hour course – and it’s proven helpful to a LOT of test-takers. Just read the testimonials! Learn more about me here.

      Full Disclosure: I am NOT a MLO at present and neither I nor this course are in any way affiliated with the NMLS, SRR, or the CFPB.

      VERSION 2.0: Easily worth double the money. Best investment I’ve made so far on my MLO journey. The 20-hour class, the books, etc all tell you “what” you need to learn. This course tells you “how” to make it stick!

      Jerry S.

      VERSION 2.0: I passed the exam on the first try using your study techniques and website information. Thank you so much!

      Matt M.

      VERSION 2.0: Very helpful review prior to my test. Passed with confidence having subscribed to you pretest course. Thank You!

      John A.

      Guild Mortgage

      ABOUT VERSION 1.0To be honest, I was very skeptical about this course at first. In August, I took a 20 hour preparation course, studied just those notes, and failed the SAFE Exam with a 71%. At that point, I knew I needed more resources, so I contacted Carey Green and he answered all of my questions immediately. I purchased his NMLS test prep course and was blown away by all of the videos, flash cards, advice, etc. I passed the SAFE Exam the second time around with an 86%! Thank you so much Carey – I recommend this course to anyone who wants to pass the Exam!

      Caroline C.

      ABOUT VERSION 1.0The study tips really helped me prepare for the exam. I passed (unbelievably) on the first try- with an 83%. I doubt I would have come close to that score without this course. It’s a value at twice the price! Thanks!

      Brian Cowan

      ABOUT VERSION 1.0:
      So glad I bought this course and followed his instructions. It helped me pass the test with the different styles of learning and flash card visualization. Well worth what I paid for the course.
      Thank you!!

      Mrs. E

      ABOUT VERSION 1.0:
      Carey – I wanted to send you a note and thank you for the amount of time and care you have taken to put this NMLS test prep course together. I seriously started utilizing your site after I failed my first SAFE MLO with a 73%. I was heartbroken and on the drive home I decided I was going to devote time and energy to utilizing your course. After taking my 20 Hour Course I found myself having more questions than answers and after reviewing the information you provided I was able to understand the regulations and the terms and make sense of it all. Like you said, you must know the regulations inside and out. You also presented the TRID information in a way that I could understand it. I am happy to report that I passed yesterday with an 80% and I am so excited for my future !!! I would recommend your course to any one in the industry that needs to complete the SAFE MLO exam.

      Brenda L. Jones

      ,ABOUT VERSION 1.0: I was very cocky the first time I took the NMLS test. I have always been a very good test taker and I remember driving to the testing facility thinking, “I wonder if anyone has ever maxed this test?” So imagine what a letdown I had when I pressed that final button and found out that I had failed! I had no idea how difficult the test actually is and I was embarrassed to say the least.

      When I told a friend, he suggested signing up for this NMLS test prep site. I should have sought his advice the first time and saved myself the aggravation and expense of taking the test multiple times.

      This is a very difficult exam and Carey’s preparation exercises are invaluable.

      Good luck and sign up for this program. You will not regret it!

      Jerry DiGrezIo

      /ABOUT VERSION 1.O: I took a SAFE course about 3 years ago and never did anything with it. I have been waiting for my real estate license and decided to take the state required 8 hour course and pursue my MLO license. I was immediately overwhelmed by all the laws, regulations, and scenarios I needed to know.

      I came across Carey’s study methods course and at first I did not believe that I would need someone to show me how to study, but what the heck, I gave it a shot. The videos ,materials, and resources are so well organized that I passed the NMLS exam on my first try today with an 86%. The flash card program alone was worth the price of the course. Thanks Carey

      Good luck to all and take this NMLS test prep course – it is amazing

      Steven Picker

      Thank you for this! I passed the test today and using your study methods! I will recommend this to anyone preparing to take the NMLS test.

      (about Version 1.0)

      Dominic M.

      I want everyone to know this is a great resource in passing the NMLS test! I took Training Pro through my work,thinking that was all I needed. Nope, didn’t pass. It took studying and Carey Green to pass! Do yourself a favor and take this NMLS test prep course, follow all the rules, print up the study cards and post them around your house. It is a lot harder than you think! Thanks Carey for answering all my emails and helping me pass!

      (about Version 1.0)

      Laurel Lawson

      I highly recommend purchasing this course which has truly helped me in my studies for my upcoming SAFE exam. I took the exam for the 1st time and failed. I purchased this course and I have not regretted it. It is filled with tons and tons of information and the material is very informative and easy to understand. I am confident when I take the exam again andI know that I will pass because of my studies and the information from Mr. Green.

      (about Version 1.0)

      Karen Sherman

      Carey has really done his due diligence to make this NMLS test prep program what it is. He combines many different aspects of learning to allow the learner to get the information from many different angles. All of these different methods really help make the information stick. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to become an LO or just wants a strategy to learn a new challenging topic. Thanks again for your help Carey and I hope all the best to you.

      (about Version 1.0)


      Carey I wanted to THANK YOU for your program. I had taken the SAFE MLO Test and failed. I then saw your program and debated for about a week or two whether to purchase it. I was astounded at how much you made sense of the test, how to look at it, study for it, the flashcard software was great, your cartoon flash cards were awesome, and your cliff notes were very helpful! I passed with the help of your program and some prayers. Thank you for making it inexpensive so that I could buy it. THANK YOU again!

      (about Version 1.0)

      Robin Wilson Whitney

      Get started with EFFECTIVE NMLS test prep now!

      Your purchase is fully refundable upon request, for any reason.


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      The testimonials on this page are just a sampling of the many happy students who used version 1.0 to pass the NMLS test.

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